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The Learning Process

                  The Faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University pays particular attention in developing the learning process for preparing well-rounded graduates. To achieve the fullest potential of well-rounded scholars, students will be given high quality teaching leading to life-long learning via the process of competency-based learning, community-based learning and integration modules. Competency-based learning will focus on developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required in the professional careers of Medical Technology and Radiological Technology. The competency is based upon expert assessment of skills apart from written examination followed by the guidelines of the Medical Technology Council and Thai Society of Radiological Technologist. 

                 A variety of learning activities including lecture, lab practice, role play, small group discussion, brainstorming, case study, problem-based learning, presentation, research project and self study will be utilized in conjunction with several learning styles in order to foster the development of intellectual skills. The learning process is not limited to only in-class activities, but also includes field excursions that provide experience in the real world setting, such as in hospital and community. Students will be encouraged to use the knowledge gained from classes to apply in the field or community. Furthermore, they will be inspired to devise ideas for developing tools or better systems of health care on the basis of community information as well as demonstrate responsibility toward the society. Furthermore, a holistic picture of work and future career will be demonstrated by integration modules which link the multi-disciplines together.


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