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Student Activities

The Faculty of Medical Technology provides many activities, resources and several involvement opportunities that enhance personal, interpersonal and organization development, virtue, morality, partnership and community responsibility for the students. Together with the academic integrity provided, the faculty has served the community the fullest potential with the morality and virtuous community members since the time the faculty was founded.


Virtue and Morality

The Faculty offers the student the program of virtue and morality development. The development program is held in every first semester at the young Buddhists association of Thailand under the royal patronage for 8-10 days. The program is valued for enhance virtue and morality of the students leading to the being truthful and high-minded to each one’s self and others.


Community responsibility

The Faculty aims to create a strong sense of community responsibility to the student. Therefore the faculty creates several community involved activities such as student volunteer camp for health improvement in the rural community area which is held during every summer. Also we have other charity and area-based activities throughout the year. These activities enhance student’s care, vision, intention, respect, and loyalty to the community.






Art, Cultural and Diversity

The faculty dedicates to educate, preserve and promote the Thai cultural through several activities and practices. Every year the faculty holds “teacher homage day” tradition which is the time that student will show the special respect to the teachers and we also join several other religious events. Moreover, the student have a great opportunity to be trained for “Rum Klong Yao or Thai style drum” and it’s really an honor of the faculty that Thai style drum show from the faculty has been well recognized and won the award every year. In the near future, the faculty has plan to open musical and Thai musical clubs. These activities help the student to learn and value the Thai cultural and traditions and also provide the fun and relax environment for student.


Leadership and Partnership

The faculty intentionally engages and empowers students in learning process that continuously builds their capacity to effectively lead with mutual and integrity in a global society, to achieve a shared vision that sustains positive change. Moreover the faculty also creates a strong sense of the working in collaboration and partnership to the student. The learning process for building student’s leadership and partnership are creates through several kinds of activities such as sports, welcome parties, farewell parties etc.




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