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The department was founded in 1957 at the very same time as the Faculty of Medical Technology, located on the 5th and 6th floor of Medical Technology building within the compound of Siriraj hospital, responsible for teaching, researching and servicing in the Clinical Chemistry section. The department had also provided laboratory examination in Clinical Chemistry for the hospital out patients until the service was transferred to the Centre of Medical Laboratory Service in 1992.

The department has introduced and implemented a quality control system to increase the standard of Clinical Chemistry examination by becoming a member of the External Quality Control of Colleges of American Pathologists Survey Program from the very beginnings of Chemical clinic examination. From this starting point, the department has developed and started the quality insurance project in the Clinical Chemistry by the External Quality Assessment in Clinical Chemistry. The Department also produces control material for sale to members of the project from Medical Technology laboratories nationwide. At present there are 546 members altogether.

The department is responsible for the teaching of Clinical Chemistry for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students. The staffs in the Department are interested in doing researches as follows:
1. Research and development of Clinical Chemistry Laboratory Controls, reference material
2. Research and development of biosensor technology for laboratory diagnosis
3. Molecular genetics of SNPs in various cancers of Thai patients
4. Innovation of micro assay-based DNA chips and based-based ELISA as molecular diagnostics of human pathogens, cancers and genetic disease


Head of the Department

Assoc. Prof.Dr. Sureerut Porntadavity
E-mail: sureerut.por_at_mahidol.ac.th


Asst. Prof. Sataporn Pasuralertsakul
M.Sc. (Tropical Medicine)
B.Sc. (Medical Technology) Mahidol University, Thailand
E-mail: sataporn.pas_at_mahidol.ac.th
Research interest: Epidemiology and Helminthology



Lecturer Jamikorn Suk-Anake
E-mail: jamikorn.suk_at_mahidol.ac.th


Lecturer Napat Songtawee
E-mail: napat.son_at_mahidol.ac.th



Lecturer Dr.Tararat Khaokhiew
E-mail : tararat.kha_at_mahidol.ac.th




Lecturer Dr. Natinan Bunyakul

Lecturer Dr. Mayuree  Chanasakulniyom


Asst. Prof. Dr.Thitikan  Sitiwed


Asst. Prof. Dr.Amara Apilux



Lecturer Dr. Theerawut Chanmee



Scientist, Professional Level
Mr. Pongsaporn Cotivongsa
E-mail : pongsaporn.cot_at_mahidol.ac.th         


Medical Technologist  


Medical Technologist, Professional Level
Mrs. Phusanisa Cotivongsa
E-mail : phusanisa.cot_at_mahidol.ac.th



Medical Technologist, Professional Level
Miss. Prapaporn Thanaootarakul
E-mail : prapaporn.tha_at_mahidol.ac.th  

Medical Technologist
Mr. Jareanporn  Julchoo



Medical Science Associate

Medical Science Associate, Professional Level
Miss Vilai Niyomsajja



General Officer
Miss Yonlada Subkwan





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